Standard Slider Model
This is still the most popular model today. The new 2015 model features the following:
  • Empty Weight 6,600 Lbs including 820 Lbs tongue weight
  • Lifts to approx. 12’-6” from the ground to the top of the belt
  • Movers forward/reverse 12” from the truck coop
  • 24 ft long conveyor reduces the inclined angle to 18 degrees providing better grip for the birds.
  • 5 ft long fold down pickup conveyor is a continuation of the main conveyor belt. This eliminates a drop and a pinch point for the birds.
  • Self leveling coopers platform now enclosed on sides, rear and top. Lexan smoked glass in the rear and upper half of the door. Upper door window is removable for those warm days
  • Towed from the unloading end for faster and easy setup. Features a sliding tongue that retracts into the sub frame.
  • 4 adjustable leveling jack on each corner
  • Dual hydraulic control levers accessible to both coopers
  • White poly enclosure on the main conveyor
  • Urethane painted finish on all metal parts (2015 colour is blue)
  • Safety decals
  • 20 ft long hydraulic lines to connect to a power source
  • Hydraulic system is an open system that requires approx. 6-7 gal per minute at 1800 PSI

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